🐕 Camping with your dog 🐕

🐕 Camping with your dog 🐕

Can you combine Peggy Peg and camping with your dog?

Is there a screw peg to which I can leash my dog to?

This was one of the most common questions we heard over and over again from our customers at camping trade shows.
We have been thinking for a few years now to come up with the perfect solution to the problems we encountered during the development of our PetPeg screw peg.
In this blog post, we will talk about the development as well as benefits that come with our PeggyPet product. So if you like to take your pet on your camping adventures, you should definitely keep reading #campingwithyourdog 

The issues: 

Our customers and Peggy Peg fans, who really wanted to have a screw-in peg to leash their beloved pets, were eager to create a solution from our existing products.
Unfortunately, the configurations with our first products did not seem to provide a good solution. However, it was lovely to brainstorm together with our customers at the trade shows.

A trip down memory lane

Idea 1) 

To use our (LA) long aluminium screw-in peg and attach the leash to the blue hook.

  • Issue 1: You would need to make a knot, which could come loose when the pulling force is quite strong.
  • Issue 2: Instead, it would also work to guide the leash through the hook and back to the carabiner.
    Unfavourably, you will end up with a very short kept leash and the end product we wanted to create should need the customer to have to acquire new equipment (e.g. a longer leash etc.)
  • Issue 3: If the pet gets scared or chased and suddenly runs away, there was an extremely high risk that it could injure itself. (The last thing any pet owner wants, of course!!) 
  • Issue 4: The dog owner has to carry a tool or our combi-tool with him every time he wants to leash his pet.

Idea 2)

To use our anchor plate 1.0 and to think of a solution for using the storm hook when leashing their dog. Through the six existing holes, several screw pegs would then have anchored the plate to the ground, thus keeping the pet securely leashed.

  • Issue 1: The storm hook is open to one side and thus cannot guarantee to hold the leash tight.
  • Issue 2: The dog owner would have to carry not only a tool, but also the plate and several screw pegs. This is not very convenient, especially when out walking or on excursions.

The solution

Our PetPeg


We developed our PetPeg based on idea 1). We combined our most popular screw peg with our tool and thus covered the issue of having to take an extra tool.
Since some pets can also be very strong, we had to use the screw peg from our Hardcore Peggy line, because our polyamide screw pegs would simply reach their limits for this usage! 
Combine an LA with our tool, and you have our PetPeg!

The most serious problem, which was very important to us to solve, was the risk of injury during sudden movements of your pet. 
Since an animal cannot distinguish whether it can heavily pull on the leash or not, we wanted to avoid injury in any given escape or fear situation. How a dog behaves is influenced by many factors and cannot always be predicted. 
Therefore, our PetPeg comes with a shock absorber with carabiner to which the leash is attached and which absorbs sudden movements. 

🐕 The advantages of the PetPeg:

  • Easily leash your dog wherever you are! 
  • It has a ground anchor with shock absorber!
  • It is for pets up to 40 kg!
  • It covers 85% of all floors! Due to its length, it can also be used perfectly in soils that are much looser or softer than meadow. 
  • It is extremely stable, but still extremely light due to the aluminium material!
  • It can be screwed in by hand or cordless drill.

🐕 The application of the PetPeg:

The PetPeg is used in similar manner as our screw pegs with the blue hooks. If you don't know how to properly use our hook system with the other screw pegs, you should read here. 
To minimize the leverage of any sudden movements; the PetPeg should always be screwed through the eye of the spring.

  1. Go for a walk or camp with your dog or cat and pick a nice spot.
  2. Put the spring on the ground and screw the PetPeg through the spring.
  3. Only screw as far as the PetPeg wants. Once the screw-peg grips, you can stop screwing. We are working with our height adjustment here, and the screw-peg does not need to be completely screwed into the ground.
  4. Now hook the carabiner to the leash of your dog or cat and enjoy the tranquillity of your destination.

🐕 Frequent application errors:

We try to explain the correct application on packaging as well as product description!
Unfortunately, due to the design of the PegPeg head, one often makes a mistake by attaching the carabiner to the circular hole. ❌

The problem with this, is that if the PetPeg could not be completely screwed into the base, the leverage force is far too great.
Here, the same method as with our blue hooks applies.
The hook should always be clicked on closest to the ground as possible because otherwise the pulling force coming from the guy ropes would put too much force on the screw pegs.
When the PetPeg is properly used, the low leverage causes the screw-peg to have much more force and holds way better.

What are you waiting for?

With our PetPeg, you can leash your dog almost anywhere (except EXTREMELY rocky and hard grounds). Usually, the longer the peg is, the softer the ground can be!


  • The longer the Peggy peg --> the deeper the screw peg goes in.
    This means more grip in loose soil --> just take your dog to the beach or playground and securely leash him
  • The PetPeg should also hold in rockier soils --> but it will stick out much further (see picture below)
  • As long as the screw peg grips, you can use it in these conditions as well

(Be aware that here was not a normal leash attached, but our TieStrap. A dog leash should always remain on the ground. The PetPeg was used here to test it in this rocky ground condition).
The PetPeg allows you to leash your dog anywhere.
In addition, the risk of injury is eliminated, because the spring absorbs the shock of unpredictable sudden movements of your pet.


By brainstorming a lot, we were finally able to create a solution that can be of benefit to everyone and not only for the people in the camping industry.
The PetPeg allows you to leash your pet everywhere and absorbs fast and sudden reflexes, so your beloved four-legged friend can't hurt themselves.
Our customers love to use the PetPeg on the beach, when camping, or hiking in the forest, etc.


Get in touch with us: service@peggypeg.net
Special photo credits go to @thesavagelife.aus & their dog ChilliÂ đŸŒ¶ïž

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