The Brand Peggy Peg

Peggy Pegs are available in 16 countries and growing with 1.5 Million standard pegs being sold worldwide they proven their worth. In the past 11 years, we have supplied Peggy Pegs to thousands of happy customers and have received loads of really positive feedback.

We have listened to your opinions and thoughts and made changes to our products to improve and to make life even easier. We will continue to listen and improve so we can provide you with the best products.

Peggy Pegs have a long list of features that have great benefits and reasons to use them. Comparing Peggy Pegs to normal pegs is like comparing timber nails and screws. Normal pegs get hammered in like nails, they can bend and can work loose when jerking forces of wind gusts are applied. We have worked up a sweat many times trying to get normal pegs out as well.

Peggy Pegs screw in quickly and easily using a cordless drill or hand tool and they have amazing grip because of the screwing movement if they hit stones they rotate around them rather than bending. Once screwed in they won’t work loose, they are flexible allowing the peg to absorb the force rather than work them loose (similar to a spring). Once it’s time to move on, the screw comes out in seconds. And just as importantly they are lightweight and compact so they pack away with minimal impact.

Our Peggy Pegs are also extremely lightweight compared to regular pegs.

Every camper needs to think about its maximum load nowadays. Our Starterkit weighs only 1.3KG, a huge difference compared to regular tent pegs sets which often weigh around 5-10kg.

You may notice that only half of the peg is threaded, this is so the blue rope clip can be moved up and down the shaft depending on how far the pegs screws into the ground. The pegs don’t need to go all the way in, as long as the thread is in the ground they are working. It’s important not to over screw or force the peg into the ground, as flexible as they are even the fibre reinforced plastic is not indestructible (keep the torque on your drill low to start with to get a feel for the ground and the peg, this will save any damage from over-tightening). Once your Peggy Peg is in as far as it wants to go, just adjust the rope clip and click it into position close to the ground so the force is coming from as low as possible. Also to save you money grab some extra rope clips and one peg can work in multiple directions.

Our vision is to provide all campers a relaxed and stress-free time through our products. This will allow you to fully concentrate on the upcoming adventures and create more magical moments with families and friends.

Enjoy your holiday and let Peggy Peg do the heavy work!

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