What to use to screw Peggy Pegs? Hand tool, Impact driver or electric drill?

What to use to screw Peggy Pegs? Hand tool, Impact driver or electric drill?

What is the difference between the hand tool, an impact driver or an electric drill when screwing Peggy pegs? 

The following will give you an indication about the differences between the different methods to screw in our screw pegs.
In our Sets and also as a single item, we provide you with our combination tool "Combi-Tool". It is one tool which combines two functions since it allows you to screw the Peggy's by hand or with an electric drill. However, people are also wondering whether they can also use their impact driller to do so. 

The hand tool 


Using the hand tool is pretty simple.

  • It is easily stored and packed as an addition to your camping gear.
  • The T-handle of the tool allows you to screw the Peggy Pegs into the ground by hand.
  • It won't be necessary to take a driller with you to vacation. 


  • Should you have a lot of gear to secure to the ground, it might get very exhausting to screw the pegs all by hand 

The impact driver

We get the usage of an impact driver, they are amazing when working with wood or where you can overtighten the screw and leave them in for single use of the screw.


  • Has a lot of power
  • Great to loosen larger screws (bolts) and nuts that are corrosively "frozen" or over-torqued. 
  • Great when screws have to be tightened with torque greater than a screwdriver can reasonably provide. 


  • You always have to screw the peg all the way in!
    (Our height-adjustable system allows you to use our pegs in a broader variety of soils, since they don't have to be screwed all the way in)
  • The torque spec greatly exceeds the max torque spec of our Peggy Pegs! 
  • You cannot adjust the torque spec.
    (We discovered that the thread of the peg is more critical for providing grip, holding the peg in the ground, then the maximum torque spec which is used to tighten and drive them in)
  • You have to carry an impact driver which is much heavier than the hand tool or an electric drill. 

We recommend not to exceed the torque spec of our pegs.

Each come with a maximum which is displayed on their package as well. Using too much force (torque) you risk snapping the peg.

Similar to over torquing your wheel nuts bolts studs lug nuts, simply aks any mechanic!

N = 25Nm
P&S = 25Nm
L = 30Nm
LA = 70Nm
HC = 70Nm
S = 5Nm

The electric drill 


  • Has a lot of power
  • You can adjust the torque spec and screw in intervals
  • It is super easily screwed into the ground 
  • Safes up your time, sweat, and tears


  • If you want to fixate a wood screw which has to stay fixed forever, it might not provide you with enough power to do so
  • You have to carry an electric drill 

Our conclusion 

In our opinion the only correct answer to this question is that you should only make a choice between the hand tool and an electric drill and that you should avoid using an impact driver/rattle gun when screwing our Peggy Pegs.
As mentioned it is much more about the grip of the pegs than about forcing them fully home. 
It won't be possible to adjust the torque spec with an impact driver, and you will most likely use way too much force when screwing our Peggy Pegs.
After all, the grip comes from the thread of the peg and not the amount of force which is used to screw them into the ground. 
All our Peggy Pegs come with a compressing and cutting thread, and you will be amazed how well they grip after just a few turns when screwing them with the hand tool or an electric drill.   

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