How can I secure my 270° awning with Peggy Peg?

How can I secure my 270° awning with Peggy Peg?

Upgrade and secure your 270° awning wherever you are

An exclusive kit that contains all the tools necessary to literally camp wherever you are.

In the beginning of the year 2022, Peggy Peg launched a new product focusing on any off-road adventures you might encounter during your camping trips. Continue reading and learn how we combined products from the Peggy range to launch an extremely universal kit for 270° awnings. 

The special edition 270° awning kit

Why 270° kit?

270° awnings are a great extension of your camping experience! These awnings gain more and more popularity since they offer a simple solution to create a compact and quick sunshade all around the back and side of your vehicle. 
Especially if you are not travelling with a caravan having an awning attached, it is the perfect combination of car and awning to create a large shaded area as opposed to the standard car awnings on the market. 

The idea

When falling in love with the idea of having a 270° awning as an extension to our rooftop tent, we were wondering how we can still fix everything securely with our Peggy Peg products to avoid unnecessary damage. 
As it seems, there was nothing really out there that was focusing on a proper securement of such awnings for off-road enthusiasts.
We went to check out all the 270° awing brands out there, to see what the best fit would be, knowing that we would want to create a simple but universal solution to live up to our companies brand philosophy. 

Peggy Connectors 

Over the years, the Peggy range not only expanded their screw peg range but also created handy products for solving every campers‘ daily problems and focused on making every piece as compatible with another as possible.
This also meant that Peggy Peg launched two connectors that might not be known as much as our pegs and anchor plates are! 
But these convenient helpers exist, and they create so many opportunities, making our product range as universal as possible:

Our T-Connector

We introduced this little helper in one of our last blog posts! It’s 6 mm in diameter and fits perfectly into any awning rail out there (Kings, Thule, Carefree, Dometic, Aussie Traveller to name a few).
It slides into the rail and connects the TieStrap securing your awning to the front to relieve the tension load coming from heavy wind forces.
Have a look onto the product page of our TieStrap to find a list of all awnings the T-Connector easily slides into to connect it to the awning rail and have the benefits of the Fix&Go system (F&G system = quickly unhook the strap and slide out adapter when needing to retract the awning within a few minutes before sudden rain/wind squalls occur.

Our U-Connector

Probably not really known yet, but our U-Connector makes it possible to connect the Peggy TieStrap with a second TieStrap to extend the strap length.
It connects two Crocodile Peggys to another, creating even more possibilities to hang up sunshades without using the Croc-Adapter.
And most and for all, it can connect TieStrap and Crocodile with another, meaning that you can clamp the Crocodile Peggy onto anything and fix it securely to the ground with our pegs.
And there the idea for our new kit was born! 

The clever TieStrap - U-Connector - Crocodile connection

As mentioned, using the U-Connector to connect our TieStrap and Crocodile, it gives you the opportunity to clamp it onto anything and strap it securely to the ground. The buttons of the 2 Connectors are cone-shaped meaning that they easily click onto the loops of the integrated hooks of our TieStrap and Crocodile, but at the same time the shape makes it slip proof. (Make sure to attach it the right way around as shown in the above picture)

Technical insight: Both Connectors are made from TPU, making them extremely flexible, durable and strong. 

Creating a universal Peggy Peg kit 

All our products are available as individual packs, meaning that every camper can buy and adapt the products to their special needs. Some might go more often to beach campsites, others might go more often to bush camping or regular campsites, whereas others go to different campsites every day and travel multiple km to their destinations. 
This also means that they will encounter different ground types wherever they are. Creating this kit focusing on off-road camping enthusiast, we wanted them to be equipped with just the right amount of tools to tackle any ground situation they might find. 

Tackling varying conditions

Peggys for bush camping and 85% of all ground conditions

Our N peg

N = Normal grounds (85%) 
This means that in most cases you will be happy using our N peg as it is super versatile and grips perfectly in most ground conditions. 
Examples would be:

  • Bush/Forest (provided the ground is not extremely dry and hard, for this case you can pre drill or we offer other pegs)
  • Meadow and wet meadow
  • Compressed sandy areas
Peggys for camping at the beach

Our L peg

L = Long peg for sandy and loose soil
Always remember, the loser the soil, the longer the peg and the bigger its thread needs to be to find grip in the ground. You love beach camping? - Good! 
This will be your new body. 
Tip: In very loose sandy conditions in some national parks, shuffle some of the top, loose sand away to get to the more firm one underneath, then screw your pegs as far as they drive forward and work with our blue hooks. 

  • Beach Campsites and national parks at the coastline
  • Very wet, muddy conditions (= lose soil) where a deeper anchor is needed

Peggys for camping in rocky and tough conditions 

Our HC peg

HC = Hardcore for extreme tough and hard ground
The opposite to above applies here, the harder and rockier the ground, the shorter your peg needs to be! This peg is hammered in and later screwed out again. Its special design also provides you with grip in gravel.
Tip: Please check the grip of the Hardcore after long rainy periods, since it might have to be replaced with the N peg.

  • Rocky conditions 
  • Extreme dry and tough grounds 

Covering all these different terrains one might encounter, we created an extremely universal kit that fits to any situation wherever you are, no matter the season. 
And the same applies for the different models and brands of 270° awnings on the market. 

Tackling varying awning brands

We wanted to make this kit fit with any 270° awning out there and the original thought and idea is simple. 
The Crocodile clamps onto the awning cloth, preferably at the corners where poles can be attached as well, and is then connected to the TieStrap via the U-Connector. The strap is then secured to the ground through the eyelet of the spring, creating an enclosed system, preventing anything from unhooking itself due to heavy winds. 

Due to the simplicity of this connection, it can easily be attached to any 270° awning cloth out there and the special design of the Crocodile Peggy won’t damage the material.

You have poles with a pin on the top? That also works! 
Simply use the hole in the T-Connector to fix the TieStraps onto the pin and secure your 270° awning this way. 

What does an enclosed system mean?

With all the connectors and products clicking into another and pegging the spring through the eyelet, all the possibilities of it unhooking itself due to windy conditions are eliminated. The TieStrap itself is a 1,5-3 m strap without loose ends and thus you are creating one enclosed system
Tip: Twisting the strap a few times before pegging it down also eliminates the flapping of the straps in the wind. 

The set at one glance

What it contains 

  • 3x N pegs 20 cm for 85% ground conditions 
  • 3x L pegs 31 cm for sandy ground conditions 
  • 3x HC pegs 16 cm for hard and rocky ground conditions 
  • 3x TieStrap - 1,5 m-3 m storm strap to secure the awning 
  • 3x Crocodiles - to attach to the awning cloth 
  • 3x U-Connectors - connect TieStraps and Crocodiles 
  • 3x T-Connectors - hook onto tent spikes and connect the Tiestrap to the Crocodile
  • 1x Combi Tool - drill in by hand or with an electric driller 
  • 1x handy storage bag

How to use the Peggy 270° kit

  1. Set up your 270°, pavilion or anything that needs additional securing with our TieStrap.
  2. Clamp the Crocodile onto the awning cloth. You can regulate the pressure it applies via the lever, make sure to not overturn it, usually a few turns are sufficient. 
  3. Attach the U-Connector to the Crocodile. (Make sure it is facing upwards)
  4. Attach the TieStrap hook to it. 
  5. If needed, twist the TieStrap a few times to eliminate flapping sounds and set it up to be in a 45° angle to the pole. 
  6. Check the ground and decide what peg suits best. 
  7. Take the Combi Tool and either use it by hand or with an electric driller
  8. Screw the peg through the eyelet of the spring and attach the hook above it if needed, to avoid slipping of the spring - done. 

The versatility of the 270° kit 

We also want to highlight that this kit is not solely intended for off-road campers and 270° awnings, but it could literally be used for anything. Especially for gazebos that do not have integrated guy ropes or if you need an additional or more durable securing point in windy areas e.g. on the beach etc.

Adam from Get Camping also found more variations of how the different tools in the kit could be used, giving you the possibility to even hang towels, lamps etc.
Go check out his review of the 270° kit with his Batwing awning here:

If you have an extremely large awning or annex, and you might wanna peg it down with 3 TieStraps instead of two, this set is also a great solution.
The TieStrap is connected when slid into the piping rail of your anwing and strapped down to the front to relieve tension of the hinges. 
Additonally, you can buy our Croc-Adapters to fix the Crocodiles to the piping rail and you can creat a clever connection to hang up towels, lamps, lights, sunshades etc. 

Summing it up

Our Peggy Peg 270° awning kit is the best solution on the market to additionally fix your 4x4 awning securely to the ground

The Peggy Peg 270° kit equips you with all the tools to tackle any terrain (sand, meadow, grass, rocky etc.) wherever you travel during your camping adventures. It is extremely versatile, offering plenty of securing possibilities, and it goes beyond securing your 270° awning as it is also perfect for pegging down  pavilions, gazebos etc. 

Do you still have questions? Have a look at our FAQ section and otherwise get in touch with us via

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